I discovered the work of Wu Guanzhong, a famous modern Chinese artists and fell in love with the natural elegance his style. I was already playing out of the box and Wu's work vaidated this part of my journey. Ah, to be as skillful as Wu Guanzhong! Original Chinese Brush Painting on mulberry paper 17 3/4" x 27" Copyright 2001-2005. Wendy De Rycke. All rights reserved


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 18 Jul 2005

Hi! My name is Sarena, and I'm 7 yrs old. I like this painting. I like this bear because it is sleeping with leaves covering him. I saw a baby bear cross the street once. :-) Bye.

Emily Reed 21 Jun 2005

Darling panda!

NVJasmin Ma 26 Feb 2005

Wendy this is really nice ,watercolors to me such a difficult media and so beautiful.You really worked really good and you have yourself a new fan :)

Vera Harned 08 Jan 2005

Super Wendy

Beth Thompson 08 Jan 2005

simple but effective, i like the leaves surrounding him