This is a one of a kind, hand built/hand stretched canvas, painted by the artist Varketta. The artist has been living off his painting in the Los Angeles area for the last two years. His vibrant and enriched style of the "art of life" is embraced in the lavish lands of Hollywood where the people humm lala. Here the artist has created an oil based wash that helps the viewer envision the life of his soul painted onto canvas. The Artist paints with any medium available with a wide range of skills as an artist. His Style is raw, extreme, and full of soul. The artist has been shown at a wide variety of venues since stepping into the professional career of an artist. This Piece is POWERFUL. A portrait of a woman i once knew. It is 60 inches by 72 inches. Hope you like. if you do check out


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karen pike 20 Jan 2005

beauty is big bold and blue i think this painting show your tallent, lose and free and cofidant

Vera Harned 09 Jan 2005

excellent work!