Title inspired by my son.
Although, I made this image.. I signed my husband's name since it represents him completely. This is how I see him lately.
I could not sign my name, since, the image does not represent me in any way.
Undoubtedly we are not Dail & Gala

For LOVE, Peace & warmness in my Life.
Good energies are entering while all weak negativity is leaving.
Thanks for the support in this site and elsewhere.
Kisses & hugs.
Happy safety
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Geoff Cooper 06 Apr 2019

Sending you my support and affection dear Nira..

Al Budarin 05 Apr 2019

That's very interesting,so you are not together now but this separation is only temporary,I assume you'll be together Again,sometimes we really don't realize what worldly Treasure we have.& What it would be like to no longer have.