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Somehow.. and not just somehow. Thoughts took me this week to Summer 2006, War in Lebanon 2.
I was very activist for peace, during that war in this site, like some more friends used to post here ( It was not an easy task ).
The PEACE Thread of that time was taken by AW management after a while since it was the fullest of all threads during that time.. While posts for peace prayers reached 1000 posts or so.
And... we started a new thread until the war was over.
I would never forget this time in my internet activity... in which I had the best support from some of my good friends here and much love to accompany my activity.
Unfortunately, too many things changed in here.. and the "need" for battle from time to time in our region is quite difficult to live with.
As for my activity I reached a conclusion after that war... and much later on with more military activity in our area.
I have much sorrow for a state of war or terror... with a strong need for eternal peace.

That time in internet will never come back... Just look at the AW threads at the forums nowadays.. friendships as well as the safety of privacy of emails, computers, etc.
Thanks for visiting.
Love & Peace, for a better LIGHT.
Copyrights c Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Geoff Cooper 04 Apr 2019

Wishing you peace and happiness dear Nira..

Artist Reply: My dear friend.. thanks heaps...PEACE AND LOVE..

Al Budarin 04 Apr 2019

Wishing you & the world Peace & Love,,,we should all walk in the garden of peace & Love & absorb it all feel the intense feeling off needing Peace throughout the World

Artist Reply: My dear friend.. thanks heaps...PEACE AND LOVE..

Alberto D'Assumpcao 04 Apr 2019

Totally agree, my dear friend! Excellent composition!

Artist Reply: My dear friend.. thanks heaps...PEACE AND LOVE..

Marie josé LAURIER 04 Apr 2019


Artist Reply: My dear friend.. thanks heaps...PEACE AND LOVE..

Thom Roslan 04 Apr 2019

I just Love o see those 2 words together......Way to Go Niri..........Maybe you should start a thread on "PEACE IN THE WORLD" ! ! ! Just as long as there is Democracy and Freedom going along with it ! Peace & Love, Thomi

Artist Reply: Thom hello.. I like the idea.. YET, You know how much AW changed. People don't reallyt visit nor post as used to at the "good old times"... before 2007/2008, were much better times.. in AW And internet, as I personally see it. Thanks for visiting. Happy safety to you and yours.. PEACE AND LOVE..