This fishing boat was docked in Sitka, Alaska when we visited in 2017. One day, when reviewing the photographs from our Alaska cruise, the ship's name, Confidence, caught my eye, and I immediately thought that the image would be perfect for a motivational poster. Actually, the confidence instilled in this humble vessel bubbled over into my psyche, and truly became the motivation for my posting of my personal art on-line, for all to see. This is the true origin story!


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Pamela Dent 04 May 2019


Artist Reply: Very much appreciated!

Wes Schuelke 26 Apr 2019

Your image done in abstract is perfect and back ground and fore ground helps you make the picture useful in many ways, well done, my friend.

Artist Reply: Thanks again, Wes, for your kind feedback. The actual photo is kind of plain (to me), but the motivation that it created made it keeper. Appreciate your insights, as they are quite valuable to me.

Kevin Smith 26 Apr 2019

Very cool story. Love the colors and mood in this one.

Artist Reply: Thanks, Kevin, for reading the story. This boat actually jump-started my right-brain and gave me ‘confidence’ to post art, and more importantly, to connect with other artists like yourself. Much appreciated!