Mighty Little Lions

One of the big reasons that I've been absent from most everywhere online in 2017 was because I was completing student teaching. I was extremely fortunate to complete my student teaching at the elementary school that I attended, and even more so to have an amazing host teacher. I got to teach 2nd grade, and the mascot for the school is a lion. :) Before I was even halfway through student teaching, I knew I wanted to do something for these kids. So one day during recess, I started sketching one of the students. It kept me in practice and it proved a challenge. I meant for it to be a surprise, but a few students caught on and were amazed. Then it became a thing where they'd stop by my desk and ask "Ms. Wiseman, who are you drawing today?" As long as they could keep the details a secret, they could see what their peers looked like, but they never saw theirs until my final day at the school. I printed each out on card stock and signed the backs, so each student got a "trading card" of themselves. This picture was put together for my host teacher.

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