Mortal Fiber

Taking a cross section of an eye (at the bottom of the work), the side shot of an upper facial area, and the reverse on the left, i wanted to create a surreal landscape showing the majesty and beauty of the human body that make up our internal system. If you look closely i have also put a baby fetis within the overall construction symbolizing our mortality and the recycling of life within the delicacy and beauty of our construction. Copyright 2004 by Imaginative Pencil and myself. All rights reserved.

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kristie taylor 16 Jan 2005

stunningly creative sight you know I love all the beautiful colors!!!!

seth rose 06 Jan 2005

brilliant im at a loss of words this is so captivating ive been looking at it for a good half hour now i am amazed by your talent

Misty Benson 05 Jan 2005

Justin! Your work is so amazing! The fact that you do these pieces in pencil just blows me away! (I'm deficient with a pencil! LOL) Your exploration of the beauty of anatomy and whimsy is really well done:)

Loredana 05 Jan 2005

DR Justin another incredible work of Art Imagination 20+ Creativity 20+Presentation 20+ and i could go on and on ,you are way up there talent plus ..

Rob Jones 05 Jan 2005

Trippy confidence, great detail, excellant as always