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The Troubadour

About a year ago, when I was first perfecting my hobby, I used an image from John Durant's website and passed the resulting watercolor back to him. John liked it so much, that he sent me one of his music CDs. Anyway, I probably perverted the image this time; just can't put my finger on it, but I'm still not happy with the brush strokes. Maybe the thickness of the stroke is getting to me. Anyway, here is my next step. I promise that I won't quit, but it is taking longer to create the resulting rendering then is should have (a little less than an hour; mainly because I'm still tweaking). If any of you have good eyes for oil, please tell me what I'm not seeing or doing. I believe that once I have my process down, I can do an oil in around 15 minutes. The default resolution image can be found here:


Anonymous Guest

louie ferris 19 Jun 2010

Hi Lyle, The anonymous guest was me, L. Ferris. I forgot to sign-in when I wrote the comment, (below).

Artist Reply: Appreciate the comments Louie. This one was one of my earliest attempts at digital art (did this one before I even joined my first blog and that was ages ago; lol). I actually emailed John several of these renders and he really enjoyed them (think he was humoring me; lol). He even sent me one of his musical CDs which I did like. Anyway, again thanks for the comments. :)

Anonymous Guest 19 Jun 2010

You did a beautiful job on this painting. I don't get why you're so concerned about the thickness of your brush-strokes, etc. Why be concerned about so-called-technique or other peoples' styles. You are you and you have your own style. And you did a beautiful job on this picture. You should enjoy what you can do and go with that. Most people can't paint a picture like yours if it took them a month, let alone an hour. LF