Rolling Meadow

Summer's tree dotted hills west of Philomath, OR. Oil on canvas


Anonymous Guest

Julie Mayser 30 Jul 2008

I can walk right into this beautiful painting.... the sunit hillside beckons, the sky takes you away beyond the hill!

Cassidy Melvin 14 Aug 2005

Amazing. I particularly love the sky. :)

gregg dutcher 22 Jun 2005

Wish this was my view from my house. Looks like a beautiful place for a picnic. very nicely painted.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Gregg. Nobody in that meadow but a bunch of cows! I left them out!

Jerie kunitsky 04 Mar 2005

Great color..

David Holcombe 11 Feb 2005

Very nice, simple composition. I am very partial to this landscape, having been born and raised in the California coastal hills. Ours are now all covered with houses. Such a pity. Good effect of light and shadow.

Steen Djervad 06 Feb 2005

this is a very nice painting, great color perception and knowledge

Konstantina Daskalaki 02 Feb 2005

I love the colours of the sky and the warmth of this painting. Lovely landscape.

Thomas Harris 05 Jan 2005

Your palette is absolutely amazing and all your compositions expertly balanced, it's such a joy tok view your exceptional work...Thanks betty

Les Jobes 04 Jan 2005

Wonderful sky, goes on forever, just like the summer skies we get here in the Prairies. Love the play of sunshine on the golden field, and the wire fence with wooden posts is really well done too. I agree with Sher, very relaxing to look at.... ~ and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your loved ones! hope 2005 is treating you kind. :o)

Jim Perkins 04 Jan 2005

Nice One love the color and light in this...

sher richardson 04 Jan 2005

lovely composition and oilwork betty... it relaxes my mind to view : )

Ros Callander 03 Jan 2005

Lovely use of contrast lighting

Pat Abbott 03 Jan 2005

This is lovely scene, Very nice work.