Ghosts spirits Bringings Happy AllSaints Halloween

- Otherworldly powers and spirits are one of the main attributes of the Halloween festival, casting (glow in the dark due to fluorescent materials. - This little cuties is about 3-3,5 cm tall It was painted by hand with acrylic paints and finished with a coating of strong professional sealant and varnish in three layers. You will get exactly the same as in the photo ?? - Figurine will appear on your doorstep in a carefully packed box. - Figurines, talismans, Mascots Handcrafted with polymer clay inspired by “Kaprize”. Me as Master of Figures inspired and eternally in love with Life gave me the opportunity to create magic in reality. - Please Welcome to My Little Gift Shop "Kaprize" - I'm inspired by your Visit, I'm glad that you found your way here through many uneasy and twisty paths of thee Internet Universe* Please Enjoy viewing my Creations. All Figures, Statutes and Talismans are carefully created in My little World of the Kingdom of Britons. In a room corner where sunlight is falling in the mornings, Like the Blue Bird of Happiness, I create For You Happy Reminders of Moments in Life, which you prefer to bestow upon yourself and your Beloved because of My Creations. I am pleased to serve you in this Business???? - If you are interested to proceed further to the Depth of My Magical Kingdom, I will be happy to show you the path to my blog "Kaprize Arts Studio" on Patreon. As soon as my world of inspiration is formed, changing and acquiring Charm, you can watch the updates and find out more information by clicking on the "I like" button on ??the «Kaprize OU» page or on my «Kapitanova Anna» personal page on the site Facebook, and also be sure to check in Instagram: "Art_Kaprize" and I wish you a happy mood to the skies

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