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I'LL PET YOU...NOW MOVE...please~

Lil has a habit of getting on Ivan's paper when he reads it on the floor. Image is copyrighted V O ALLEN and not to be copied or misappropriated in any way without my written consent.


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Doug Kearse 09 Jun 2006

I love this.

Maddison Jamison 05 Apr 2006

This kitty is WAY too spoiled! I've just notices her crossed eyes, beautiful blue eyes.......after a Siamese, right?

Arnel Sarmiento 14 Oct 2005

Good job.

eileen martin 31 Jan 2005

this series is so creative and well done.

Elizabeth Teed 12 Jan 2005

nice originality

sher richardson 30 Dec 2004

this is so completely cool... i adore this... whimsy and a signature feel... : )

Betty Schwartz 30 Dec 2004

Your beatnick family is delightful and the cat, Lil, is a real charmer!

Jodi Horne 30 Dec 2004

I LIKE tHis!!!!!

thea walstra 30 Dec 2004

Very cool work!

Tabitha Borges 30 Dec 2004

Oh! So cool......10

Anne Kelty 30 Dec 2004

This is really cute and right on re: cats

Elizabeth Smith 30 Dec 2004

Love the whimsical qualities of this piece!!!

Bluemoonshadow 30 Dec 2004

I like this one.. thanks for the smile..:-) Blue

Jenny Iospa 30 Dec 2004

Cute and funny.