“Thought - The Pillars detail” soft pastel on charcoal paper expresses how the Mind works, what is in the Mind and the gratitude for having one that functions. We are in Mind. Our brains are in Mind. Mind is within the Creator’s force that allows us to explain the world in which we live. Knowledge and science are suffused with Spirit. There are things that science has been unable to explain. The answers have come through Spirit. There are spiritual laws that apply. Religion attempts to guide Spirit which is its own guidance. Science attempts to negate Spirit, rebuking the “unseen.” When all of us can see through our eyes in addition to with them, science will have a whole new set of explanations to develop. The beauty of the grotesque is understandable and as it increases in profoundness, it becomes more beautiful. The Mind is within Spirit; the diligent work studying one's spiritual nature helps make it clear.

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