This Is Freedom

I feel very grateful to have gotten to work with such a talented on this piece. Jody L Miller is an incredible photographer and gave me permission to use one of her pieces as inspiration and reference for my piece. Her site: Reference used: -----------------;@*~*@;----------------- :blackrose:COMMENTS ARE LOVELY:blackrose: -----------------;@*~*@;----------------- :star: Art is (c) @Astral-Thunder and images linked and used a reference here are (c) Jody L Miller (linked above). For use by commissioner and/or character/s owner use -only.- Please know that -any- reuse of this image by -anyone who is not it's here stated owner- is considered -illegal- via copyright law. It -is- legally punishable. Please remember to respect both who made the art and who the art was intended for. DON'T STEAL/EDIT/RE-POST someone else's art.

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Maria Anna Machado 27 Apr 2018

very beautiful work...