«Kaleidoscope of Night Dreams” some special moment

Airy and very good quality standard. Unique Hand-painted 100% gentle silk shine and soft as a feather. - Any option looks very exquisite. There is never ending for imagination, as you stylishly would tie it, you will always look in the Author's Headscarf on the Podium of the Unique Style. All details are painted by Professional Artists and therefore very high quality and wear-resistant. Designed by Artist “Kaprize”. Very good and thin quality work standart. Created with the highest quality. - Unique handpainted 100% tender silk shine and soft as a feather, very comfortable to wear. For neck, head, shoulders elegantly wrapping or may be any Style as you like. Only one available. Didn't like this one? I can always think of something to make you happy, I, as a Bachelor of Arts Fashion Designer and my colleague Artist, we can always design a unique design for you that is ideally suited to your needs (but you need to take into account the time for work and your feedback, prepayment and timely communication, so that the process can go without delay), don't hesitate and tell me your ideas. Can be personalized- Nominal. Gorgeous watercolour and Vitrage” effect on transparent drapings. Multicoloured pattern moving beautifully on the air. Colours fixed. Only gentle hand washing in warm with shampoo and water and conditioner finished (as you usually care with you hair). This is an amazing opportunity, do not miss it out. - It is ??Fabulous “Statement Piece”?? We stand behind our products. Our contents on this site are © by Kaprize OU Artists. All rights reserved. Copying, downloading, reproducing or distributing any contents here in are prohibited. Use or modification of our images is also prohibited. Request a custom order and have something made just for you. - Thank you for looking! Policies Payment: I prefer to accept paypal. You may contact me for other payment methods which I choose to do at my discretion. If you purchase an item it is expected to be paid for within 72 hours for paypal, and 7 days for other methods. Not doing so will result in actions on my behalf. Shipping You can contact me before purchase if you need faster delivery. If it is NOT purchased I am NOT liable for items lost/ damaged/ dropped/ smashed hit with a batrun through a shredder eaten/ melted by space aliens. YOU NEED TO CONTACT me if you need something special or or different than my normal delivery Delivery Confirmation IS, however included to cover my butt. If you would like the DC# of you package please let me know! I ship First Class international unless contacted with other instructions. Refunds and Exchanges Insurance and tracking are extra. If these are NOT purchased I am NOT liable for items lost damaged, dropped, smashed, hit with a batrun through a shredder eaten melted by space aliens ?? mangled by Misterious Stranger. I do my best to please, if my best is not good enough PLEASE let me know so I can correct it, or beat my head against a wall, whichever is closer. Additional Policies and FAQs Please contact me for any questions or concerns with items. To see my previous crafts and my work, follow me: http://www.facebook.com/kapri zeou or my personal account: http://www.facebook.com/www .anna.k VIEW ARTIST PORTFOLIO (if this link not working, please try -> http://www.artwanted.com/arti st.cfm?artid=87291 (anna kaprize) - Created in a non smoking, non pets or other animals environment - the guarantee of exception of any allergens. Please remember that this work & it’s accessories are handmade and should be treated with care. This artcraft is meant for adult and is not a toy. If you have any questions regarding this listing, Please welcome and fell free to leave me a message, i would love to replay to You:) To see this figurine journey, Please, don’t hesitate and you can use links for my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/art _kaprize/ #Kaprize #artkaprize #annakaprize NOTE: Please only order from this shop if you know for sure that you want to buy it and that you can afford

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