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A Bee in flight capture. I love this one, a lucky shot! Enjoy


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Al Budarin 09 Jan 2018

What a Talent,What a Craft you have,this is a Fantastic Photo,you mastered it Beautifully this little guy or girl ,I can't tell if it has 6 or 7 segments Bumble Bees are A thing of Beauty collecting from one flower to the other nectar & pollen,,,,these are NESTERS mostly very Small colonies,by the way there stinger Doesnt have a Barb on them like a HONEY BEE,so they can sting you many times Over one after another, Great Pollinators,very much to be enjoyed Wonderful take

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Al. I got interested in photography when the first sony camera came out that took floppies! I had to take pics of my linen (painted) at the time. Then I photographed my paintings all for records. Then I got hooked! Practice helps!

Marie josé LAURIER 08 Jan 2018

beautiful red ... a rest of summer to go through the winter season !!

Debra Kott 07 Jan 2018

Awesome shot.

Artist Reply: Thanks you it was about 100 pics before it!! I had a neighbor that had the most gorgeous flowers on a corner street, spent hours there getting my first bee, 2nd, 3, 4 on a flower! LOL

Lorenza Palomino 07 Jan 2018

Fantastic capture

Artist Reply: Thanks!

Sharon De Vore 07 Jan 2018


Artist Reply: I would like to say it was my skill, but that shot was lucky with about 50-100 takes before it! Thanks for commenting too!