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Untitled 0116

'Untitled 0116', acrylic, pastel, gouache, pencil, crayon, and ink on paper, 28 x 18 cm, 2016


Anonymous Guest

Elton Houck 11 May 2020

2 boys ....

Artist Reply: yes, is possible.... two figures

Paul Traudt 17 Jul 2017

I like it !! Maybe even love it but what does untitled mean with a number There has to be something The titles it for you whatever you were thinking of , feeling I love the work , it deserves a title

Artist Reply: I used to give my paintings and drawings titles, but for the past few years have not, because I think, for me in my abstract world, titles give the viewer an initial distraction and unnecessary influence to the abstract images. Without a title referencing the representational world, perhaps the abstract images are more free to be anything for anyone, dreams or concrete. Thanks for your response -