The Sticker Dude remembers

in the last weeks, being inspired by a Coney Island coaster, I took the liberty to paint a portrait of Joel Cohen (alias The Sticker Dude) as a revisitation of a photo he sent me in 2012 after a joint performance in New York. The title of the work (61cm x 60, acrylic on board, sand and nacre from Santa Maria di Leuca - Apulia) is " The Sticker Dude remembering the joint performance "Just life" by/with Laura Cristin in Coney Island 2012/06/14". I had reproduced my action (flagging veils on the beach) in his glasses. While painting, I was listening to the Grateful Dead sometime (Joel Cohen's favourites) and I was feeling the sound of memories.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 18 Apr 2017

Holy Moly in all my " Dead bay watch" blues and glory!

Sharon De Vore 15 Apr 2017