TRIP_tych 2008

composition of 1 piece cm 32,5 x 10,5 and 2 (cm 16 x 9) acrylic and pastels on plywood, 2017. The painting of this composition started from the idea of documenting mostly private art actions that took place in 2008. The bigger piece is an 'evolution' of a collage already made in 2016 (part of BBdiptych that can be seen at this link iew.cfm?id=1404714, twinned with “the ASCENT of the SOULs to the EMPYREAN” by Bosch displayed at Palazzo Ducale in Venice). In “Totem 2004-2008-2017” peculiar moments from the performance “Son@Da per Trio” with the musician Dario Della Rossa and mezzo soprano Dorothea Fayne are depicted. The impromptu occurred in Venice and S. Daniele del Friuli. “17 April 2008” (up right) is the evolution of a photo too. You can see the pic at this link iew.cfm?id=655301 where I was posing with a Birthday cake dedicated to Sticker Dude in New York, from my gARTen in Bagnaria Arsa (Udine) in Italy. The third painting “Irish dancer 2008-2017” gives life to a little princess puppet (Ariel) filled with emotional/intimate values that I studied while on art-residency in Ireland (July 2008).


Anonymous Guest

Joanie Holliday 15 Mar 2017


Artist Reply: Thank you, it was important for me to let the time pass, to realize the impact of 2008 art actions on me!

Sharon De Vore 15 Mar 2017


Artist Reply: Thank you for the positive feedback!