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Flemish Girl

16"X20" a study of a Flemish work. comparison to the real art I was trying yo emulate. Petrus Christus's "The Girl". FOR SALE; contact me


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yves colas 28 Feb 2017

wonderfully done,it is really a great work..all my cpmpliments.

Brenda Loveless 28 Feb 2017

A good effort, I'd say, and now it is aging to look more authentic.

Charles Jones 28 Feb 2017

I think I started painting around the same time, Vincent. I did some oil work but found acrylic more to my liking when it came to speed and working in my small apartment. This is a study piece and I'm sure you learned from it---so it served its purpose. I recognized it, so it can't be so bad, eh? :) Hope you are doing great.

Artist Reply: Thank you Charles..The painting has a life however and a charm yes! O like the way you have categorized your works in a timeline..

Sharon De Vore 27 Feb 2017