Sleep of no Dreaming, Sleep of no Pain


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val wilson 01 Feb 2005


Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 04 Jan 2005

Yes, wonderful! I feel your pictures speak to something in all of us. Disturbing but profound.

Peter Kripgans 20 Dec 2004

excellent Hisham! Enjoy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

rosemary gioielli 19 Dec 2004

frightening and beautiful.

Ryan Welsh 17 Dec 2004

Wow Man...Trippy trippy

Andree Lerat 13 Dec 2004

Original and unusual. The dime floating in the piece tickles the mind. Thanks for your comment.

William Boyer 13 Dec 2004

great job on all

Justin Jenkins 13 Dec 2004

Fascinating work. Like the emptiness of the room against the bright silver quarter.

thea walstra 12 Dec 2004

Very good work Hisham

Nira Dabush 10 Dec 2004

Very intersting work, Hisham.Unique work of art.

sher richardson 08 Dec 2004

haunting work Z... i see some symbolism only you could explain...dark and safe..