A study of one

copyright. This is a picture I took with my digital camera. I'm trying to apply 3 images of 1 person together to give the impression of triplets. I do this technique with my 35 mm camera as well. The lady is my girlfriend.

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Dav Cheong 08 Jul 2007


Emily Reed 19 Jun 2005


Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 02 May 2005

This is very clever! Brilliant concept that's worked well. Love it! (BTW Michael, Thanks for your kind comments about my 'self portrait' I liked yours too. Very hunky!

David Holcombe 03 Jan 2005

I liked the effect. It does look like triplets, sort of. The fuzzy quality is a but disorienting. Interesting idea and execution.

AL 06 Dec 2004

nice effects