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Samurai Stands Guard 24 hrs. 7 Days a week Sentinel

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Anonymous Guest

X-Chel 19 Jun 2016

Totally agree with all the comments of praise below and I like the crooked metal-staff the statue-guy is holding...makes me wonder what kind of weapon it is! Have to mention also that the statue reminds me, stylewise, of the mass-produced terracotta statues from the Qin Dynasty (about 200 BCE) in China...those fellas who are guarding the first emperor's tomb (the guy who unified China)! Anyhow; great image capture!

Artist Reply: Dear X-Chel, I loved seeing your Latest Art.. I'm still having some problems Thank You for Your kind Words i hope this get through

Cathy Holford 04 Mar 2016

Nicely done!



Artist Reply: Dear Gordon I'm so pleased You like this picture & Most grateful for your very fine praises. All my best to You my Friend, John

Angel Estevez 17 Feb 2016

Very beautiful sculpture John! It reminded me of the movie the "seven samurai". Thanks for sharing. Hugs my friend !

Sno* Smith 17 Feb 2016