Hmm... I didn't know what to draw but Videl (Leanne) gave me a picture of Pan (me) and I drew it. ^^ It's of Pan from the second episoide of Dragonball GT. ^^

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shenur masters 16 Mar 2012

beautiful pencil work!

Hayli harding 23 May 2006

Pans a BUG!!! koolness! it is so so cute Yazzy!

Bob Szesnat 02 May 2006

i like the wings, so cutie

Habeeb Hassan 09 May 2005

So cute. Comparing your drawings in the start, I really think you are doing great improvements. Keep it up & dont stop!!!

Maggie Harp 25 Nov 2004

i cant beilive how much you have inproved *rubs eyes* this is a really great pic off pan !