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I'm not wohrty to be in the same forum. ROTFL

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One more thing, ALWAYS back up. Preferably on an external hard drive that you can just grab in case of an emergency. I have several backups for each image on different sources. If I was a writer, I would also keep a hard copy, just in case.

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Hi there, I haven't really concerned myself with it. I keep all my originals, file for copyright protection and just keep producing. I have a very large body of work, both public art and private. If people are desperate enough to try to take my stuff, I know I can prove it's mine in a court of law, if need be. Protect yourself as best as you can but keep producing work. That painting above took me literally 45 minutes. I can always create more in my style- no one else can!! Be bold and get your work out there! The best are always f*cked with. ;)