another shot of the small detail that surround my everyday life. conveting to digital has opened up my eyes as a photographer, I feel like a student again. I can experiment at will to get the results I like. I'm a kid in a sweet shop / candy store, depending which side of the pond your on.


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Olga van Dijk 28 Sep 2006

BEAUTIFUL SHOT!!! you've an eye for the unusual!

Stu Smith 28 Jul 2005

Chewy texture. I feel full.

Barbara Beck-Azar 03 Mar 2005

excellent color, detail and intriguing spider!

Albert Wisse Zwarteveen 22 Nov 2004

The spider's web is a nice detail. Great shot!

Peter Rutilquarz 22 Nov 2004

That is a top shot David. The zoomed in is croped? from a 1600x1200 or bigger?