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"Blood Moon Rising," c.2015, is a creative adventure surrounding the numerous blood moons that have occurred during 2014 - 2015. This one has a Sci-Fi story to it! Blood Moons have symbolic meanings to cosmologists, and other scientists looking at our cosmos...maybe a signal of current climate change.

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Natalie Eckman 27 Jul 2015

I like this... its so much like an enigma! The curiosity of the masked figure, the mansion in the background, the tree, and the branches that almost look like stranger creatures bleeding into the moon.

Artist Reply: I guess perplexity and mystery surround many of my pieces, which are somewhat, or very complicated with many details, symbols and characters I may still be researching. Thank you so much for taking a further look at this piece. It truly is an enigmatic in several ways! Most appreciated, Mark