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Mystic Mermaid

"Mystic Treasure" New mermaid art completed for the Femme Time Wrap Theme if you like to bid on original or prints please click link https://www.facebook.com/FemmeThouArtCollective/photos/ms.c.eJw1zNsNwEAIA8GOIox59t9YEo77HNlag3URUCG7~;LGx~_9iwjnJGaqy1~_O0m4Lp9LPcv~_P~;UWiOnl722Pv28fT39tXGMzhcP4yBI.bps.a.414982802034016.1073741916.105484202983879/414983685367261/?type=1&theater Thank you <3 mermaids like the treasures they find are timeless and have been around forever in fairytales, mythology,movies and so on... hope you enjoy my mermaid art ,the lovely mermaid poem below was written by a good friend of mine Camille Salvatore Chandler. Mystic Treasure I... a mermaid deep beneath the sea... searching the sea bed for treasures to be... A Voyager..A Vessel ...known mainly by man a creature of beauty ...that one seeks upon I dance .... and I carry the tune of the waves an echo from song... for the dolphins... as they journey through... deep cavern caves A mariner mother...A navigator of the sea I carry the hearts of the urchins.... towards the barrier reef From an oyster..A pearl....is the gift from beneath A token...of luster ....makes crown on thy face To adorn my long wispy hair ....as I swim to each place In the deepest and widest...is the vast ocean blue I search ...and I journey.. by curious view now creatures and I ...that welcome this too In unchartered waters...dimly lit by the moon.... I swam far beneath...and found in my view.....unsure what it was....but more curious than not I began reaching ..and grasping....to behold what I got My eyes could not focus...and my heart did now stop for what I have begotten... was peeking through grave sheltered from harm...and only to save A timeless treasure... as she..like locket to clasp unearthed by the beauty...that I held in my grasp I place close to my heart...and slowly to raise..A fortune of such... in amaze... as I gaze... Born again in this life... and only to save is now mystic treasure.... I hold proud....is gift...from the deep cavern cave Lovely poem written by ~Camille Salvatore Chandler


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John Cappello 21 Jul 2015

Very Creative Work. Wonderful how you made her Swimming Comfortably under Waters The Perfect Jewel tone of Aquamarine ! That Treasure clasped in Her Hands a Timeless bottle Now forever unearthed From Fairytales

Cathy Holford 21 Jul 2015

So beautiful!

Ted Hammond 21 Jul 2015


Vernonette Gaddy 20 Jul 2015

Very pretty, fanciful, surreal-like colored pencil artwork- at first glance I thought that I was looking at a painting- Katerina, your pencil art creativity is marvelous!!!!