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Johnny Ringo

This is a real pre-1900 photograph I discovered in Liberty Missouri which was acquired by an antique dealer and may have been part of objects procured from the estate of Mary Peters Ringo in Liberty Missouri. The Ringos left Liberty on a wagon train during which his father died in a gun accident leaving Johnny and his mother Mary alone for the dangerous treck by wagon train toward California. This antique may be the only photographic work of the young and soon to be famous John Peters Ringo or better known in Tombstone, Az. as Johnny Ringo. He became known as a notorious outlaw but there were many there riding with the Clantons who rustled cattle and got into shootouts while drunk in Tombstone, Arizona where he died as a result of a shooting considered to have been done by one of the Earp brothers just outside Tombstone.

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Elizabeth Lindberg 13 Jun 2015

What truly outstanding work!!!!!!!