Anger Management

Montague would love nothing better than to snap the Weasley twins' necks for the Vanishing Cabinet incident, but he'll have to settle for a broomstick instead. It's enough to make anyone's hair stand on end. :) (Well, I'd seen enough of that video game commercial with Ben Wallace, hence the follicular explosion.) © 2004 JKR, NTF. Search keyword: Harry Potter

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Leigh Harrison 02 Dec 2004

I am gonna rate/comment all your work that i haven't... I like angry Monty... his hair makes me giggle... I love it!

Bluemoonshadow 05 Nov 2004

Great mood/composition, Taylor..:-)

Nancy Woolweber 05 Nov 2004

Looks like he could use some! Scary dude when he's angry. Great job with that pencil.

Solar Ic3 05 Nov 2004

lol love the title....very good pencil work

Amanda Tiedeman 05 Nov 2004

I really like this! Such a wonderful job of shadowing! Good work my friend!