The Sons of Eilaboun

In the morning of 31-10-1948, the Israeli Army entered the Village of Eilaboun. in that day my Uncle Badia was killed by the Israeli army along with 14 young men from Eilaboun, and my father and his family turned to refugees. fortunately for a short time. For those who were killed in the massacre of Eilaboun, Palestine 30-10-1948. I made a documentary film about this story, for more information please visit:


Anonymous Guest

rosemary gioielli 19 Dec 2004

your images are thought provoking and very original.

Cynthia Bonnet 17 Dec 2004

It is so important to remember those who have "gone before us". Although a great sadness overwhelms me I feel the need to continue, that perhaps we have learned as we live. And that PEACE and LOVE ultimately rule in this world.

David FRIEDMAN 06 Nov 2004

interesting composition. good job

T.D. Ruley 05 Nov 2004

very emotional

Joy Newbould 05 Nov 2004

Very Powerful and emotive