The Other Me

Another picture I took while playing with my phone. Nothing special. I just thought it looked cool. hehe. (Taken in the bathroom using the mirror on the wall)


Anonymous Guest

Ed Fairburn 30 Nov 2004

The title works well - despite it being a reflection, the image on the right looks very different from the left - not just from the angle, your expression looks different - great piece, I like it. Thanks for the comments... not my best piece (old pic), but very grateful anyway :D

christine brand 04 Nov 2004

Interesting, you almost appear to be made of marble or stone. I like the contemplative face off.

Hilton Harris 03 Nov 2004

Cool shot.

Lawrence Hickman 03 Nov 2004

the twin sister

tim linville 03 Nov 2004

I always wondered what the girls bathroom looked like!