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Sleeping Beauty

My kitty sleeping!


Anonymous Guest

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 23 Jun 2005

Oh! So beautiful. and she knows it!

Loredana 10 Mar 2005

Simply adorable what a gorgeous cat love that face :) Great capture

Steve Ion 06 Mar 2005

Stunning capture

Masrur Imani 12 Nov 2004

A great photo of a beautiful cat.

Jan Ferguson 06 Nov 2004

Love the lighting on this one. Very nice shot!

Tabitha Borges 05 Nov 2004

Iam so warm so happy and Iam Sleeping beauty.. Great clos-up...

Gayle Taylor 03 Nov 2004

What a cutie!

stan jones 03 Nov 2004

very wel caught i have one that does the same sleeping with her paws folded in

Mary Hanson-Roberts 02 Nov 2004

A sweet pose, peaceful expression, gentle lighting; what a wonderful mood piece!

Torry Newark 02 Nov 2004

Great Shot

tim linville 02 Nov 2004

Cats.The napping bums of the animal kingdom:)Unusually cool pose,Teresa!

Pat Abbott 02 Nov 2004

Very pretty shot, Teresa.

eileen martin 02 Nov 2004

looks close enough to reach out and pet her. great shot

Ruthee Easton 02 Nov 2004

Great shot

Karen Corcoran 02 Nov 2004

Sleeing Beauty

LouAnn Knight 02 Nov 2004

pretty kitty!! so trusting! nice shot!