Vidio Game Theme Department Goal chart

Size: 36" x 48" Medium: 3 D cork board date constructed: 9/5/2014 - 9/7/2014 This is a team goal progressing board. I was asked to design and constructed by my department manager.My design was inspired by the game Donkey Kong video gameand shoots and ladders board game. The representation of the team reaching it goals by the playing peace place closer the golden trophy. Failing to reach goals the playing pieces are placed at the bottom of the board. Ladder are the vehicle to move up levels were sliding board are the vehicle to lower levels of board . the barrows,the pits of fire,the gorilla represent the obstacle one face and must over come to real their goals. The playing piece represent the workers in the department team . materials used to construct this board: compressed card board. construction paper,brown burlap,glitter paper, wood patterned scrap book p paper,cloud pattern back ground paper,balsa wood to construct ladders. heap rope.core board ,cork board ,wax paper cups, paper towel rolls, plastic trophy,acrylic paints,acrylic varnish, spay adhesive ,silicone glue,wood glue. It took about 45 hours to construct this board. Stephen J. Vattimo

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