Talonhill Greeting

The high elves of Eoa take residence in a place called Talonhill. They are the guardians of the land. They do not end disputes among creatures but they observe and take note of what goes on in the lands. Their transport of choice are the Blacktip Gryphons. They are called that because of their black tip ears. They are the fastest and swiftest of gryphons. High elves and gryphons share a special bond. They choose each other when young and will remain friends for the rest of their lives. In doing so, they share a sort of telepathy. Their eyes are the same colour as they can look through the other's eyes when hunting or stalking. They can spot their target from very high up in the skies. With Brylvir and company were in need of search of a higher power for advice to defeat the dark lord, they enter the property of Talonhill to seek the counseling of Lord Val Er. Their presence was spotted by Phoraine when enjoying her flight with her winged friend, Merramor. Although their company outnumber her, underestimate not, for trained High Elves can reload and shoot arrows faster than any other species. Their weapon of choice are the bow and arrow along with their fellow winged friend. With these two within their capacity, they are quite deadly to say the least.

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Tim Linville 07 Nov 2014

Killer Gryphon Work!His Eyes Are Resting,But Still Hunt :)