On the pavement -2

Here is one image I took while walking in the street. I found it worth sharing with you as I found it can be seen a metaphor for life : Aiming at a goal, hurt on the sides, based on the simplest things, surrounded by the harshest, but the reflexions of the skies are visible... Thanks a lot for your coments!

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jO ANNA jARVIS 12 Jul 2005

I get the poetic sense of this photograph, after reading your explanation.

Steen Djervad 30 Dec 2004

strange color combinations happen this one is unthougt of but you saw it

AL 19 Nov 2004

nice shot but I feel something is missing

Andree Lerat 29 Oct 2004

This image is O.K. but the subject is not very interesting.

Tabitha Borges 28 Oct 2004

Look Like the roads in Pa...