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"Black Hole Consuming A Star," c.2008, is an acrylic on 16" x 20," of a NASA picture which I found on their website in 2007, or 2008.


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John Cappello 05 Apr 2014

Alluring colors and painting I love the shading in this piece. The Way the Stars goes off to find outlet! You are great in this technique! Love the perception of depth. Makes this one my POD!

Artist Reply: John, thank you for the compliments1 My brother-in-law is a fantastic musician and mathematician, so I knew he would appreciate this one. It was a gift to him, which he said he might use as an album cover for his band Audio-Diner, but that hasn't come to fruition. this was a challenge to paint and get to look like the actual NASA pic of it occurring! Wow! Thanks for all of your support and appreciation of my technique! Blessings to you and yours.

Tim Linville 01 Apr 2014

Now THAT Is a Bad Neighborhood!Nicely Presented,Mark!I'll Be Glad I'm On the Third Rock All Day,Now!

Artist Reply: I was doing research on... time travel and black holes and came across a photo of a black hole swallowing a star. Thank goodness it wasn't our star!! This acrylic on canvas pic was my attempt to paint this black hole sucking the life out of a star, though the picture doesn't give it justice. Thanks Tim for the compliment and to me it presented as a monster destroying the light!