Fire in the sky

I painted this several years ago when I was going through some very intense things. It seemed to represent the dawning of hope in the midst of a very dark and stormy night.


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John Cappello 10 Jul 2014

Marvelous imaginative work! I love Your Great Gathering of colors Here!

Andrei Mezei 08 Mar 2014

wow!!!!!!!!!intense and powerful!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Andrei!!!!

Geoff Cooper 07 Mar 2014

This has great depth of feelings, nice work Sno*

Artist Reply: Thank you Geoff

Joseph Mangiacotti 07 Mar 2014

Really good painting Sno. I can see what you mean by hope in the midst of a very dark stormy night. You used some great symbolism to represent these conflicting emotions. Great Painting Sno!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Joseph! I always appreciate your time and comments.

Tim Linville 06 Mar 2014

I like the Transferrance of Energy,From Mind to Canvas!Emotions,Good,or Bad Cause the Best Art :)

Artist Reply: Thank you Tim, I agree! When emotions move us to paint or create the results seem to hold so much more depth and feeling.