Creation Myth 2

Creation Myth. My individual attempt to portray The Creation (or the creation of my inner universe.) Too much analysis can kill rather than enlighten but roughly the shell is sort of the female and the figure seated on it playing music sort of the male symbolic elements in The Creation. The blue is both the blue of the ocean and of the oceans of space before division, so that both birds and fish and people and planets move into it. The original of Creation 1 is in a private collection in Devon.

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Marcus Matthew 04 May 2019

Well done like how you did the water

Artist Reply: I'm so pleased - its a style I've developed over the years

blHuey 03 Apr 2014

Interesting and g00d....

John Cappello 02 Apr 2014

This is truly an Interesting & most Imaginative piece! Stunning Complexity!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 07 Mar 2014

Wow!! What a fantastic and imaginative piece of work. It must have taken you ages to create this amazing piece of artwork. Love your very own story of The Creation.Fabulous concept Ann!

Renata Cavanaugh 26 Feb 2014

Fantastically beautiful work Ann