Dock Worker

Dock Worker: It is not so much the wrinkles that speak as it is the contours  all bone and lumps  yet a putty face that accentuates the receding mouth, void of teeth, that pulls the nose and chin into an arc of the symmetry of aging toil that is crowned in a circular cloth tuoque. A man of the senses  big eared, large nosed and sharp eyed  yet soft-headed - whose bite for life has collapsed! The sculpture-like proportions, that would suggest the drudge and dignity of physical labor,

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Leah Jaarveth 17 Feb 2006

great work :)

Christine brand 07 Sep 2005

ZZZZZEEEEEE U really got into this one!! I love your description of him!! the colors add to the emotional content of this!!! How time does take it's dues, alas...we pay one way or another!! U have such depth into the human condition!!!

Konstantina Daskalaki 24 Apr 2005

Great work !!!!!!!! I love the design!!!!!!!!

jeff blascyk 24 Nov 2004

Nice illustrastion, and very nice "cool" colors.

Hilton Harris 26 Oct 2004

Great work. Very cool.