Daryl Dixon

"People in Hell Want Slurpees"....You Can Live in the Enveloping Darkness...Or BE the Single Flame That Guides Others From It's Grip.Be the Knight.Or Be the Reason the Knight Exists......Actor,Norman Reedus....the Walking Dead.


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Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Aug 2014

Great drawing as always, Tim. I like this character as well, very nice show, and you have captured the feel of it all, nicely done. Cheers, Blue ps- I love how you draw hair... must study it and me try again. :)

Misty Tippens 08 May 2014

I love this!

kevin ong'any 21 Mar 2014

i;m awed by every piece of detail in this rendition..brilliant shadows and highlights..brilliant fabric and hair details, and brilliant perspective and proportion..you are indeed, one of my favorite contemporary artists..

Ruth Kauffman 19 Mar 2014

This is a fantastic pencil drawing, Tim!! Great work!

Jimmy Brobeck 14 Mar 2014

Great work. I am a big fan of Norman Reebus (or how his name is spelled) He is a great actor.

Elise Wong 11 Mar 2014

Yea. He does look very much like the guy from the Walking Dead. Great portrait! And the hair.... very detailed work

Julia Scorupsky 08 Mar 2014

Haven't seen this film, but I like the portrait, very expressive face, a powerful character!

Chris Jones 27 Feb 2014

Nice portrait Tim love the style you achieve.

Mike Wood 26 Feb 2014

Nice job! Would love to see more Walking Dead characters.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 Feb 2014

I love the new video posting that goes with the picture. ;)

Artist Reply: Did You Know...the Lighter Daryl Holds,Is a Movie Reference to "the Evil Dead 3"?Shop Smart...Shop S Mart...Am I the Only Guy that Watched That Movie?...Is THAT What's Wrong With Me?!..The Book DID Say Don't...Great.What's an Excorsism Cost?

Wendy Law 11 Feb 2014

great job Tim you've captured him to a tee

Trish Ellis 06 Feb 2014

It's been a while since I've browsed, but seeing new work from you is always a pleasure!! You never disappoint with your art!! Always so expressive and detailed! And you have such a unique style that just makes it that much more enjoyable! Great work!

Miracle Adkins 29 Jan 2014

I love this composition Tim! You convey so much texture and value in your work. Your realism has such expressive depth. Beautiful!

Rice Rallison 29 Jan 2014

I love this man.

linda lindall 29 Jan 2014

wonderful perspective and always fantastic pencil work Tim.

Ravinder Dutt 26 Jan 2014

nice work there Tim, very detailed

Jolie Bonnette 25 Jan 2014

Nice likeness! I'm definitely a fan of the show. :-)

Domenico Doleatto 25 Jan 2014

Great... he is my favourite character! Good work of pencil!

v blair 17 Jan 2014

Ok I will try again...looks fantastic Tim!!

Artist Reply: And You get the Record for Most Comments on One Image!Thanks V...always a Smile Knowing You're There :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 Jan 2014

Sorry Tim I am anonymous :/ lol

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 Jan 2014

I don't know the show but awesome work Tim!! Happy New Year!!

Lisa Wade 12 Jan 2014

As usual Tim.. beautiful work!! Not a big follower of this show, I do watch it between studying for exams..... MSW is giving me much time to watch anything.... or work on drawing..... but, as said by another one here... I knew exactly who this was.... you captured him WONDERFULLY!! I do like his character :-)!!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 11 Jan 2014

Hello Tim!! I've always admired your incredible graphite skills. Fabulous and exciting image! Love it! Happy New Year!

John Cappello 02 Jan 2014

Very Lovely piece of art. A Super Brilliant, Eye catcher!

Andrei Mezei 02 Jan 2014


Renata Cavanaugh 31 Dec 2013

Awesome job Tim! Happy New Year!

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 31 Dec 2013

Excellent work Tim

Charles Jones 30 Dec 2013

That's one series I can take in small doses only. It's unrelentingly hopeless and doesn't, by and large, show humanity in a favorable light. But, that being said, I knew who this was the moment I saw your very professionally executed drawing, Tim. :)

yves colas 29 Dec 2013

amazing drawing,as always...superb details..

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2013

The eyes are incredibly accurate.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2013

This is extremely impressive!! Love the detail. :)

Katerina Koukiotis 24 Dec 2013

awesome work and details tim merry christmas !! :)

Cathy Holford 24 Dec 2013

I totally love this!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2013

very cool

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2013

WOW! Amazing work you put in to your Art.