Red Roses in Prisma

Three Red Roses done in Prisma colored pencils. On Monday my boyfriend had roses delieved to the office during seventh hour. Imagine my surprise when I found out why I was called down. ^^ No particular reason why, just because. The note attached read, "Aishiteru, Watashi no Sakura desu." In responce, "Aishiteru, watashi no Tenshi mo desu."

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Kenneth-Edward Swinscoe 06 Feb 2005

Very nice work, keep up the good work, Ken

Gayle Taylor 05 Feb 2005

I think your work is fantastice! the colors and shading you used is great!

Eileen Kasprick 05 Feb 2005

Coloured pencil is not easy. For a "young" artist your skill is wonderful.

Lori White 16 Jan 2005

Very nice. You did a wonderful job!

Kate Malcolm 26 Oct 2004

I love the linework in this one! Its very clear and sharp, complements the very bold and vibrant colours within the image too (look at me using all these perty technical terms ^_^) I know I say this everytime, but I think this is one of my favorite pieces of yours. Just becuase it is so clear and bold. Peeerrrtttyyy.... (by the way, the flowers themselves, and the delivery...thats so cute!)