Who said you cant mix Megatron and Chii? :D Considering their both robots .... Done early in the morning (its 5:30am now o.O ) *falls down face flat for sleep* I had no interest in Chobits WHATSOEVER.....until my oldest cousin wanted to use my comp and I had nothing to do. So I borrowed some comic books and being VERY bored, I read 'Chobits' (which I vowed not to buy) I thought the comic would be hella boring but it turned out it was pretty interesting...

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Alexandra Sloan 09 Feb 2011


Alana Meltham 26 Nov 2009

This is ace x

Melissa Hudson 24 Jun 2007

Ha! I love it! What a great sense of irony!

Emilie Dionne 18 Jun 2007

lovely piece!

Patrick Boyle 12 Aug 2006

wow mazing detail,great work