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Ancestor Worship

copyright 2003 This genuine amazing unmanipulated photograph captured an extraordinary moment of spiritual energy caught during a lively funeral procession, in northern Madagascar. A year after a person dies, a celebration of called Fama-dae-ahana, translated as - turning of the bones - takes place. The deceased’s bones are retrieved from the grave site and wrapped in a burial shroud by relatives. The relatives hold a grand feast and parade the bones through the village or town accompanied by festive live music and dancing, then later reburied; hence the translation turning of the bones also conveys a celebration of life. Look closely; notice how the unnatural green light or energy flows with the movement of the people, tracing excited movements. When I shot the photograph I did not see the glowing green beams of light. I believe this photograph documents a spiritual, supernatural presence. The film used was 800 iso, which is more sensitive to light and is generally used for low light photography . An even more puzzling aspect of this image is the hovering person seeming to be wearing a toga-like garment to the far right. It appears he is in a burial shroud. Could it be the deceased watching, celebrating with everyone?


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Autumn Azure 29 Jun 2007

great perspective. I love the texture and inspiring colors

marla deepali 03 Oct 2004


thea walstra 02 Oct 2004

Like this work