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Kachere Tree in Chisamba, Zambia

Here is the painting I finished, commissioned by a client from a recent trip that he took. This is a Kachere tree located at Protea Hotel Safari Lodge, Chisamba. (http://www.proteahotels.com/protea- hotel-safari-lodge.html) The Kachere (Fig "Ficus" tree) - This is a huge tree growing to 60 feet tall and 60 to 70 feet wide. The dense, rounded canopy and gracefully drooping branches of Weeping Fig. There are over 600 species of Ficus, most of them tropical and evergreen, although some, most notably F. carica, the common fig, are deciduous. Ficus produces a unique "fruit" which is actually an inverted flower. Not all Ficus produce edible fruit. http://www.dominicistu dios.com/

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Renata Cavanaugh 04 Aug 2013

Beautiful scenery

Sigridur Bachmann 01 Aug 2013

That is really beautiful ! Love it ! Magical !

Piero Lucia 15 Jul 2013

Nice, well done.

Andrei Mezei 26 May 2013

wow Teresa sono molto impressionato,e veramente bello,ricco di detagli con bei colori!

Surekha Rao 04 May 2013

Fantastic painting, Teresa! Such a wonderful tree and interesting info!