12" x 16" stretched canvas in oils. This is a friends dog I did for her recently...


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Deborah Sussex 05 Nov 2014

Such a sweet expression!!! Lovely!! I totally agree that white fur is challenging! It's not white at all which is the key to painting it.

marie-claire gallet 03 Jun 2014

Fabulous portrait, this is so difficult to paint fur!!!!! Very nice dog!!!!

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the very kind comments, yep fur and especially white fur isn`t easy at all.

Christie Crawford 25 Feb 2013

Wonderful !

Artist Reply: Thanks very much Christie...

LouAnn Knight 05 Feb 2013

Excellent work.. Beautiful"fur. White iis so difficult for me!

Artist Reply: Thanks LouAnn...yes, white and black are certainly very hard to get right. Takes a lot of practice and a good number of failed attempts

Wendy Law 28 Jan 2013

beautiful Neil - great job again

Artist Reply: Thanks Wendy...

Joanie Holliday 25 Jan 2013


Artist Reply: Thanks very much Joanie...

Martina Rathgens 25 Jan 2013

I bet your frien was more than pleased and happy with this beautiful portrait! I also have a Terrier- a Yorky :)

Artist Reply: She was and many thanks for the comments. I love Yorkies, especially when they are young...