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Head Up Your....

copyright 2012 Think of all the times your not at your best and someone,...close to you,....says those words to shake you up and get your act together. It might be your close friend, it might be a not so close neighbor, it might even come from a cop who's just pulled you over for going 20,...30,...40,....etc., miles an hour over the speed limit! Your mom might even have said it to you when you overslept your first period class,...or for the late bloomers,....your morning business meeting at work! By the way for you ladies you might notice these are all men,....don't we all have our heads up our.....? heherhe

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Charles Jones 16 Dec 2012

Yep, I've been thinking of taking a whack at this concept myself, Gregg. Very good job. With so many in this condition, it's difficult to image them getting around very fast. :)