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Ben Ladin

This is an image to think.

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John Cappello 25 Dec 2013

Pretty Cool!

Pepita Selles 25 Mar 2006

Living in this critical period,when so many also is hurt and angry, below.I dont wish anybody drag US into this...terrible.

Artist Reply: The title of this image - Ben Ladin Ah Ah has to do with a painting of mine, with two towers with the names of XIX and XIX centuries´ lost artist souls crashing. It is not intend to make fun. It´s the agressor point of view, in a very simple way.

Christine brand 25 Mar 2006

WOW!!! I don't know what you think...but I know what I think...I really would love to get rid of that grin on his face is infuriating. I don't understand how anyone could think murder is good in any name especially, Gods!!! You would think the soul would know inherently the right way to live...but sadly we don't and all fall short in some way...But you would think...that we should know Murder is any sense...but but but...what an image...You might cause some trouble with this careful...I am not saying you shouldn't have created this...I am saying...bec areful cause they are killing over cartoons with turbans made into is so sad that we can not let all people live in peace and let them chose to feel about life as they want...

Artist Reply: Christine: USA administrations have made many times crimes against other countries, and international community just watched without doing anything. If i like Bin Laden ? - Of course i don´t like him. But, who has created a good part of his strenght ? - USA ... They are trying to make him a new Jesus Christ, with his public cruxification thing and all that, but things are more complicated than that. Sometimes i wish that it was an european with much culture to rule the USA administration ... it would be wiser for everyone. We live in dangerous times ..

Barbara Beck-Azar 25 Mar 2006

you definitely caused this to stop and make me think... i would love to hear more of your thoughts -- i am sure there is a direction we don't get..otherwise, the EXECUTION is incredible....

Artist Reply: As i have explained to Christine, there are 2 main reasons for this image: 1- USA administrations crimes on other countries 2- Bin Laden´s public cruxification A hug, thanks for sharing your thoughts Barbara

Bruce Hill 25 Feb 2006

great work - people need to be made to think more about important issues and you're making a good point here.

Artist Reply: Thanks for sharing your ideas Bruce. I really think this is already a classic image, in such "fast" times we live in... I surelly bet on the perenity of this image in the future - let´s wait and see...