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VW Surf Rod

Yeh! Let’s go surfin’ now! Everybody’s learnin’ how! Come on a Safari with me!!! Woo!-Hoo! Man this banged up loosely restored VW Surf Rod complete with tubular roof-rack is so rad – dude! – Ha! This cool vintage Volkswagen Beetle is pretty much in it’s natural state of condition. And that is great! ~:0) U know I’m getting kinda tired of vehicles with $10,000 paint jobs. I’ve seem all the $15,000 wheels I care to. And I… – no wait a mo. I still like a nice tuck-and-roll leather upholstery job. But let’s cover it with a good looking donkey blanket. You know just so we can say we did – Ha! Don’t get me wrong. I still groove on an all out ’23 roadster. And that yellow Ford Roadster I did two pieces about is still just about me fave rod. I’m just saying hot rodding is a bit too much of the same old – same old. The cool bit about rat rods and daily driver rides is that they got there own kind of mystique about ‘em. Glad we can appreciate the patina on a rod that’s been outdoors for decades. Simplifying one’s wheels is an enrichment of life-style in by book. It’s a way of honoring a better time. A time when folks built stuff with what they had around the shop lends a warmth to daily gear grinding! Take the classic VW Surf Rod in today’s photo. Just puts me in mind of the good times we had back in the day. We’d hop in a rod that might – or might not – make it hundreds of miles to the coast for a weekend of surfin’. That’s why we carried tools, right? One time the points broke off in a Vee-Dub I was driving. Caught a ride into town. Got a fresh set. Made it back out to the Vee and installed ‘em in the dark. Whew! What a day that was. Can’t tell U how many times I’ve sat on the side of a road scratchin’ me head holding a broken part. Almost seems like good memories now. Pain in the neck back then – Ha!


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 24 Feb 2016

Whoa. That is quite a rig.

Artist Reply: Haa! - I was gobstruck when I came across this VW! ~;0) VivaChas!

Karen Helsing 31 Oct 2012

Great color & composition!

Artist Reply: Thanks Karen - I'm afraid I used up all my yellow, green, blue and black crayons on this one - getting a new box of colors today though - Ha! ~:0) VivaChas!

Elizabeth Lindberg 30 Oct 2012

Wow!! What a treat for the eyes!! What vivid fun party colors and excellent shot of the car!! Great shot!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Elizabeth! And Remember - do not try this at home! Serious injury could occur - we here at VivaChas! are trained professionals ~:0) VivaChas!