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Tina Day copyright.This is a photograph l took,and changed it a little.A church is where we go to find solace,as we sometimes need to be comforted in distress.We probably dont go to mass etc,but just looking at a church is comforting.


Anonymous Guest

tim linville 21 Sep 2004

Nice work,Tina!Good perspective!

stan jones 18 Sep 2004

very star light night I do have some goblins if you like to put on the top of your trestle top marks from me love your work

Nancy Woolweber 18 Sep 2004

Very cool

Robert Pace 18 Sep 2004

I can fill the texture

jennifer pickering 17 Sep 2004

Looks very mystical good choice of colour . 3D feel with the angle of the photo like something is going to fly at me from the sky. Good work well done!!