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Jurate ir Kastytis

6" x 12 " acrylic on pine with woodburn

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Charles Jones 20 Jul 2019

I honestly believe one must have a certain level of sweetness to see and paint the world as you do, Dave. I sometimes find a 'cute' side which, like sugar water, evaporates rather quickly in the open air. You definitely have your own distinctive style, easily recognizable. I think I do too. We're just different. Difference is good, I think. Hope you are doing great. I'm going to assume this work is 6 by 12 inches, not feet. :)

Artist Reply: Thank you Charles, i'm humbled by your comments. Your work is so refreshing and vibrant with poetry for the eyes . Cool ! Thank you for making sense of the world thru art ... and reinforcing my faith in humanity : ) ps. Yes, inches : )